Sunday, December 3, 2023

Quansheng UV K5 handheld radio

 A lot of information is already written and on Youtube as well.

Basically this radio is used for ham operation on vhf and uhf (145 / 430 ) mhz with the am airband for rx only,

As many of you will know some guys made new firmware for this radio available to expand the frequency and to add usb mode.

After a firmware flash this radio is able to tx and rx from 18 mhz till 1.3 ghz…..

My advise is not to transmit outside both vhf/uhf band since it will produce many harmonics!

But for the price ( i have two, lowest price 16 euro incl shipping to europe) you will have a very nice wideband receiver.

Check the firmware on github:

Some pictures of the radio after firmware flash:

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