Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sommerkamp TS-680EDX

Got a very nice TS-680EDX for free, the first so called Sommerkamp Coffee Warmer from the late seventies. Original boxed so a very nice addition to my collection.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Sommerkamp TS-788 DX Coffee warmer.

Back to the late seventies and early eighties this Sommerkamp was a dream for many cb operators.
Frequency readout, 100 watts of output all together in a small enclosure.
For most of the operators this transceiver was way too expensive.
Beside the high price it also had some flaws; FM was too narrow and the pll was not stable enough.

Now many years later a 788 has arrived in my shack. It looks allmost as new and it has the complete Maurer modification. Very good FM modulation, stable as a rock due to a complete new designed oscillator with SIxxx, tcxo, menu to adjust some settings, channel or frequency readout and much more.

Hans PA3HGT made a picture of his Maurer 788, note the new added pcb by Ir. Maurer.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

President Adams CB radio

One of the best cb radio’s; the President Adams.
For a cb mobile radio it is really big!  Original am/ssb with 40 channels it was and still is state of the art despite it’s age (end seventies till mid eighties)

Mine is allmost as brand new and is modified by Maurer in Austria.
FM was added and a vfo as well. Even the face plate where the push knobs and frequency readout is placed, has been modified.

A real collectors item.