Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Xiegu X6100 extended

 After owning the X6100 for some time i really can say that i like the radio.

In fact it’s a Linux server with built in radio.

Some firmware updates were released by Xiegu and a kind of community of owners hacked the radio with some nice features.

To access the radio one can use Putty or Winscp. I use both via wifi!

Winscp, access the X6100 as user root and password 123

Navigate to directory /etc/xgradio/ 

Edit file xcradio.conf and change fullband-tx disable to fullband-tx enable

Save and exit, switch your X6100 off and on and full transmit from 500 kHz to 55 mHz is enabled.

Note the red F-TX box left top of your screen.