Saturday, August 1, 2020

ATU-100 (N7DDC) Antenna tuner kit

Bought a nice kit (ebay / Ali, etc) to build an automatic antenna tuner (design N7DDC) which can handle approx 100 watts.
Tuner is usable from 160 meter till 6 meter.
It has a small but very clear oled display that shows all information you need.
For 30 euro i had the smd presoldered version, so the only thing you need to do is wind the coils and solder some normal components on the board.

Complete kit, very well packed in a plastic box.
PCB with all smd components already soldered.
You have to wind the coils yourself
Tuner finished! Next step is a nice enclosure


  1. Does your tuner work correct on 15m and the higher bands?
    Mine did not, the presoldered smd diodes were the wrong types.

    1. Hi, same problem here, low power readings on the upper bands and fails to tune. I’ve ordered some schottkys.

  2. Hallo Ton,

    Ik heb hier ook zo'n kitje liggen maar zit te prutsen met hoe die SWR brug gewikkeld moet worden.
    Mijn doel is om deze kit met mijn FT818 te gaan gebruiken.

    Kun/wil jij mij de juiste richting is sturen AUB?

    Grt André - PE1PQX