Saturday, August 5, 2023

Sommerkamp Memorial Activity 2023


Dear radio friends, Do you remember the famous “Coffee warmer”, Sommerkamp TS 788 DX?

The Sommerkamp friends, a group on Facebook, like to honor, the entrepreneur behind the great brand of Sommerkamp radio.

Mr. Wolfgang Sommerkamp, born on September 11th in Dortmund, Germany. HAM radio call DJ2YJ , EA8YS as well as other used calls. OM Wolfgang passed away in 2021, and during the Weekend September 8-10 2023, we like to invite all radio operators to the “Sommerkamp Memorial Activity”.

In the future, we like to dedicate every second weekend in September, to have such a radio event. So get your Sommerkamp radio equipment ready, regardless if amateur or 11 m enthusiast. 

We like to meet on the following bands, 80 m, 40 m, 20 m, 15 m, 11 m, 10 m or 2 m. Of course you are welcome to use transverters with your equipment and activate … 4 m, be creative, join the fun.

Activity Frequencies

  • 7.101 MHz
  • 14.301 MHz
  • 21.301 MHz
  • 28.301 MHz
  • 144.301 MHz

Please remember, this is not a contest. There is nothing to win, it is rather a friendly, get together on the airwaves. Communicate with one another, share what equipment you use, perhaps when you have purchased it … are you a longtime Sommerkamp radio owner or did you pick up the equipment just recently … perhaps inherited it … Your phantasy is the limit.

Please share the information with others, make them aware of our Facebook group.

Feel free to contact the organizers, emails are available over 

You have a picture from your activation - send it to Email  or post it in the Sommerkamp Facebook Group.

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