Tuesday, November 12, 2013

New project: End fed 20-40-80 meter.(1)

A new project started last week: 20-40-80 meter high power end fed.
Winding the coil with 290 turns and a value of approx 110 μH is a precise job.
Happy to see that this part of the project is finished.

Nieuw project van afgelopen week: een 20-40-80 meter qro end fed.
Het wikkelen van de spoel (290 windingen) met een waarde van zo'n 110 μH is een tijdrovend klusje.
Blij dat dit deel van het project klaar is.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ton!,
    I am very happy that you started this article because I saw a lot of description of the end feed antenna but the end result was not the same as those described. I also built the coil from the description but the measurements are less than 110uH! (coil diameter 20mm, the number of windings 260, with 1mm emailed copper wire).
    In my case too, the 295 winding number was close to reality, inductance: 100-110Uh.
    I look forward the developments from your side.
    Vy 73 es dx de ha5cvz, Miklos.